It is understood that the expressions expressed in the articles are of sole responsibility of the authors and do not compromise the Journal`s opinion and scientific policy. Both the authors and the reviewers are obliged to declare any conflict of interest if it were necessary, which should be recorded in the Author´s Constancy Form, and in the article, in case of the authors, and in the Evaluation form, in the case of advisors.

The authors should certify that the activities described in the work proposed to the Journal are in agreement with the ethical criteria generally accepted, both in what refers to animal and human experimentation, as well as, all that refers to professional deontology (Colegio Colombiano de Psicólogos 2016). For further information, consult the Declaration of Singapore on integrity in research (2010), APA guidelines in relation to the standards and ethics of publications and those from the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ((

In the articles derived from scientific research carried out on human beings it is essential to inform explicitly on voluntary participation through the signature of an “informed consent” and the “informed acceptance” when people without legal capacity to consent have taken part. Also, mention if the research project had endorsement of an enabled ethical committee for that purpose and point out their affiliation. In any case, the confidentiality protection of the information and anonymity of participants will be kept.

For further information, read the document Ethics and Good Practices of the Journal CES Psicología:

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